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Rhinebeck High School Guidance Staff Student College Planning Calendars

School Counselors
Mr. Jeffrey Palazzolo845-871-5500 x5504

[email protected]

Mr. Robert Heywood 845-871-5500 x5506

[email protected]

Counselor Assistants
Ms. Sheryl Mulkins 845-871-5500 x5505

Ms. Lisa Gillman 845-871-5500 x5507

(High School CEEB Code - 334715)

45 North Park Road, Rhinebeck, NY 12572
Telephone: 845-871-5500 Fax: 845-871-5562

Students can access their Naviance accounts to explore careers, do a college search, build a resume, etc. Please contact your student's School Counselor or our College & Career Advisor for help accessing your Naviance account. Naviance Parent/Student Portal

Our school counselors are here to School assist students in developing their academic, personal, social and career/college skills. Students, parents and/or guardians are encouraged to meet with your child's school counselor on an ongoing basis.

The 2022-23 Course Catalog is an invaluable tool for high school and post-high school planning. It provides an overview of the guidance program, graduation requirements as well as course descriptions.

Ninth & Tenth Grades:

Explore interests, values, abilities and aptitudes with friends, family, teachers and school counselor. Take challenging courses and get involved in extracurricular clubs and actvities in and out of school. In the fall or spring, tenth graders are required to take College and Careers I.

Eleventh Grade:

  • Fall or Spring - take College and Careers II
  • October - take PSAT (results available mid-December)
  • March/April - take SAT prep courses
  • April - take ACT
  • May - take SAT
  • June - take SAT II, Subject exams and/or ACT
  • June - prospective Div. I & II college athletes register with NCAA
  • Spring/Summer - visit colleges, recruiters, etc.

Twelfth Grade:

  • Meet with school counselor regarding post-high school planning
  • October/November-submit FAFSA and required financial aid forms
  • October/November - take SAT and/or ACT and/or SAT II
  • October/November - prepare and submit college applications

Important Links For Students

SAT Prep Resources

Graduation Requirements:

For additional information and resources please see your school counselor.

 Study Table

Financial Aid

From the American Educational Guidance Center:

Financial Aid Information:

Visit for lists and links to New York colleges, universities, career schools, and technical schools (with contact information).

At you will find additional information helpful to students and their families that links to 70 scholarship search sites, links to colleges offering programs for students with learning disabilities, Christian colleges, Catholic colleges, accredited online degree programs, colleges for women, and much, much more. This site also includes an instant online GPA calculator which will accommodate up to 50 grades.


Check your student's colleges to determine if they require the CSS Profile. See for additional information.

There are a number of scholarship options available for seniors. Please check out what is available! Click on the following link for more information: District's Scholarship Webpage

The sites listed below will provide information as well as links to FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) which is required of all students applying for college financial aid and numerous other helpful sites. A username and password must be created on the FAFSa website for both the parent/guardian and the student.

Helpful Information:

Virtual Help for Students Completing FAFSA and TAP Applications

  • Higher Education Services Corporation (HESC) representatives will be available every Wednesday in February from 3:00-6:00 pm at their virtual drop-in lounge to answer questions about the FAFSA and TAP applications. Links to the Drop-in Lounge every Wednesday are available at: StartHereGetThere.
  • If your students have started the FAFSA application and stopped because they were confused about a question, or if they are having trouble getting started, please encourage them to join the Drop-in Lounge!