Propose A New Club


Students who want to propose a new extra-curricular activity will follow this procedure:

  • Write a description of the proposed activity's mission, its intended activities, the projected frequency of the activity's meetings, and its anticipated major activities and fund raisers.

  • Compile a list of students who would participate in the activity on a regular basis.

  • Meet with the principal to review the description of the activity and the provisional membership list.

In response to the items above, the building principal will:

  • Review the activity description with District officials to ensure that the activity's functions are not duplicated by other activities and that the mission of the activity is consistent with the District's mission.

  • Meet with the student organizers to share feedback. If the activity does not duplicate the functions of other activities and the mission is consistent with the District mission, the organizers will be asked to give thought regarding potential advisors and how the stipend for an activity advisor will be funded.

  • Discuss with the student organizers a potential source of funding for the first year of the activity, as it is unlikely that funds will be available for activities that have not been budgeted for during the previous year. However, students should be aware that there is no guarantee that activities will be able to be funded through the school budget during future years.

Assuming that the steps above have been satisfactorily addressed, the building principal will encourage the student organizers to pursue their idea by conducting an informational meeting after school to review the details of the proposal, to gauge actual student interest, and to identify potential funding streams for the advisors' stipend for the first year.

As soon as an initial funding source has been secured for the first year, the District and the Rhinebeck Teachers Association are required to negotiate an activity advisor stipend. Again, there is no guarantee that such activities will be able to be funded through the school budget during a subsequent year.

Finally, the Board of Education must vote to appoint an activity advisor for the proposed student activity.