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Mission Statement
The Rhinebeck Community Service Program provides opportunities for students to develop their talents as problem solvers and leaders in society, through the implementation of service that promotes involvement in the Rhinebeck campus and cultivates relationships between Rhinebeck students, the Rhinebeck Community and its surrounding communities.

To expose students to meaningful community service that empowers the individual and the community.
To give students the opportunity to assess their abilities and develop their talents as problem solvers in society.
Through the College and Careers program, to provide students with techniques that will aid them in making career decisions.
To reflect on the community service experience through discussion and journal writing.

Service Criteria
The activity must be volunteer. No compensation can be received, monetarily or with school credit.
The activity must provide a service for an organization or individual who would normally not pay for this service or by paying would cause a hardship.
The activity cannot be anything that would normally be considered an extracurricular activity.
The organization must be not-for-profit, charitable or philanthropic. If the activity includes a charge to the public it must be nominal.
With regard to performance service, the time devoted to the performance itself may be used but not the rehearsals.

Link to approved agencies list

Frequently Asked Questions

How many hours are required for graduation?

The minimum requirement is 40 hours. It is recommended students complete at least 10 per year. Waiting until senior year typically deprives the student of the opportunity to reflect meaningfully on the service experience.

Where can I find the Community Service Coordinator?

Appointments may be made through the High School Main Office. You can also email the coordinator ([email protected]) to set up a time to meet.

Where can I do my service?

There is a list of approved community service on the website. If you have a service idea other than one that is already approved, please check with the community service coordinator to make sure it fits as community service. Simply volunteering your time does not always meet the criteria for receiving RHS credit.

How do I record what community service has been done?

To formally record hours there are community service forms available in the main office and online. You may send forms electronically as an attachment to the community service coordinator.

If I complete service for boy scouts or religious confirmation, may I use it for RHS?

Any service used for credit elsewhere is not accepted at RHS. If service is done with a service organization without receiving credit or other reward, it may be used at RHS.

Does my time spent volunteering during church services count?

The Community Service Advisory Committee has determined that participating in any religious service does not qualify as community service for the purposes of fulfilling the local Board of Education approved graduation requirement of 40 hours of community service. Please see the Community Service Coordinator or the High School Principal with any questions.

How can I check to see how many hours I have completed?

A list of all students and their hours are kept by the Community Service Coordinator and you can check with him/her anytime. You may set up an appointment or email to find out your hours.

Should I keep records for myself?

We encourage students to routinely check their hours and we ask students to make a copy of all documents turned in for their record keeping. In today's digital world that can be as simple as taking a picture of the document.

When can I begin community service?

Immediately after the presentation made in June of the 8th grade year.

The possibilities for service are endless, however; if you choose an agency that is not listed on the service opportunities page you must first get pre-approval from the Community Service Coordinator. Please follow the link for community service opportunities approved by Rhinebeck High School.

Community Service Form

Click on the links above to find all the forms needed to record your community service as well as opportunities and contact information for service opportunities.

If you have any questions or concerns please contact: [email protected]
Rhinebeck High School

P.O. Box 351
45 North Park Rd. Rhinebeck, NY 12572

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